A spokesperson for MGM Studios has confirmed that the next movie in the 007 series will see an Asian actor play the British spy for the very first time.

According to a statement that was released today, the as yet unnamed upcoming 2019 release will give audiences the first chance to see the renamed Jameel Bond take on a variety of global super villains to make the film franchise accessible to audiences across Pakistan and North Africa – two of the world’s biggest growth entertainment economies.

Their spokesperson said: ‘After extensive market research and focus group sessions, it became clear that agent 007 needed to move with the times to become more ethnically reflective of the planet’s population.’

‘We can’t give too much away about the next outing for Jameel, other to say that Q is going to come up with a whole new range of gadgets and gizmos that will fit neatly inside his Taqqiyah.’

‘Naturally the dry Martini will be phased out in favour of something slightly less intoxicating, but we are very pleased with the scripts that have been finalised so far.’

Details of the next Bond epic are currently scarce, but a source within the studio has told Southend News Network that the traditional ‘Bond girl’ has made way for an wise and elderly gentleman in a long coat who is able to advise 007 on cultural, spiritual and ethical matters.

Although this announcement has surprised many in the movie industry, it has already emerged that the 2021 reboot of Terminator will feature the first ever Jewish cyborg in the history of cinema.

A teaser trailer has been released showing the killing machine entering the burning remains of a police station before realising that it is too hot and going back to his car to find a lighter jacket.