More than 2,300 people have now signed a petition to demand that Theresa May is stripped of her British citizenship as she is a ‘threat to our nation.’

The petition can be signed and shared here.

It reads:

Put simply, events over the past two years or so have proved that Theresa May’s presence in the United Kingdom is no longer in the nation’s best interests. She must be stripped of her British citizenship immediately Begum-style.

Therefore we feel that it is time that she is deported to Jamaica.

To be fair, it has now become perfectly clear that countless others have been sent back that way for far less, and all that Mrs May has done is screw an entire country through callous austerity, heartless deportations, an unquenchable blood lust for Brexit at any cost to appease Daily Mail and Daily Express readers, and welfare cuts that are anything but ‘well fair.’

The Home Office’s own guidelines on ‘Exclusion From The UK’ clearly state:

The personal conduct of the individual concerned must represent a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat affecting one of the fundamental interests of society, taking into account past conduct of the individual and that the threat does not need to be imminent.

Need we say more, Mr Javid?

Therefore, we are calling upon the Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP to do the decent thing and uncover some sort of evidence to prove that Mrs May has no right to remain in the United Kingdom. If all else fails, just shred something vital or whatever.

This petition has already been rejected on the main government petitions site, so we have been left with no option but to host it here.

Once again, The petition can be signed and shared here.