The scene at The Ravenous Pelican in Southend shortly after the massive brawl that led to more than 20 arrests.

Police officers have promised that there will be a full and thorough investigation after a massive brawl in a Southend pub restaurant this evening. According to witnesses in The Ravenous Pelican on London Road, ‘frightening levels of violence’ were triggered when a young mum wanted to use the combined Baby Change / Disabled toilet at the same time as someone in a wheelchair, with neither individual prepared to allow the other to use the facilities first.

Restaurant diner Barry Fridge said: ‘Unfortunately, our table was located right next to the toilets, and shortly after 6.40pm a lady in a wheelchair was just about the enter the separate toilet when a mother rushed to the door and tried to get in there first with her young baby who smelt like she needed urgent changing. This quickly escalated into an argument, with friends and family frantically using Google to see who had legal priority. The manager stepped in and said that another baby changing facility was located upstairs, and the mum just screamed ‘better crawl up there then, my baby needs changing or she will get the hump.’

Mr Fridge continued: ‘Nobody was prepared to back down, and all of a sudden the young girl hit the lady in the wheelchair over the head with a pot of E45 cream from her changing bag. Once she got her wheelchair the right way up again, she ran over her foot multiple times, and then within a few seconds there must have been 40 people throwing chairs and glasses around. To their credit, the police arrived within a few minutes and made multiple arrests and restored calm, but the contents of the baby’s nappy were overflowing by now. This whole business does raise some interesting questions about who has priority in these multi-use toilet cubicles.’

In a statement, a spokesperson for the pub’s owner Stickit Inns said: ‘We are sorry to announce that The Ravenous Pelican will be closed until the mess has been cleaned up, but we would encourage all local restaurants to segregate their baby changing and disabled toilet facilities to save themselves from costly riots in the future.’


  1. I have heard some wheelchair owners on benefits, are using two stoke engines for their mobility. Therefore very powerful. They are legal on A roads, such as the A127 and contravene the smoking ban in public places. It’s a disgrace.