Shocking allegations have been made today about Barry Rogers, the star of the 1980’s ITV kids series Button Moon. 

According to his next door neighbour Felicity Egbert, Rogers ‘inappropriately spooned her’ on a number of occasions while she was asleep during the late 1980’s when his popularity was beginning to dwindle. 

She said: ‘Although I can’t remember the spoonings when I was asleep, he spooned me on a number of other occasions at parties and other gatherings’

‘He used to walk up to me under the false pretences of wanting to stir my tea, and the next thing I knew he would have his spoons on my shoulder.’

‘They were the perfect shape for cupping, and he knew it.’

‘I know that he was struggling to come to terms with the end of his acting career, especially after seeing Little Bottle develop a crippling addiction to heroin, but that was no excuse.’

‘Everyone knew what sort of person he was – even the black glove crew in the background tried to stay back at a safe distance.’