In a Southend News Network exclusive, a group of 90’s construction workers have revealed the horrific conditions that were subjected to on a regular basis – they hope that the same mistakes won’t be repeated on building sites in the future. 

Stuart Lamming has been elected as the unofficial spokesperson for the group, and he met our Chief Reporter to describe the ‘sheer hell’ that him and his colleagues were subjected to. 

He said: ‘Our boss didn’t care whether we lived or died. Many of my friends were blown up, crushed, or were simply encouraged to walk off a cliff and plummet to a horrific death. I can still hear them all scream ‘oh no!’

‘I remember one site where they tried to cover up this terrible existence by playing motivational music for us. In my opinion, The Can Can on a constant 8-bit loop actually did a lot more harm than good.’

‘I finally decided that enough was enough when I walked into a wall and hundreds of other workers just followed me. I was behind a pick axe operator who couldn’t work fast enough and the sheer pressure from the advancing crowd made me pass out.’

‘My brother was lucky enough to get scouted into Sensible Soccer from an early age, and he even managed to win the Champions League with Southend United on 46 separate occasions – my destiny was horrendous in comparison.’

We managed to speak to one construction site manager who was involved in these conditions, and he agreed to speak to our news team if we kept his identity anonymous. 

He said: ‘In my defence, we were under huge pressure from the company owner. For every project, our only target was to ensure that a certain percentage of workers returned alive. If we kept within these limits, the upper management were happy.’

‘This sort of carry on would never happen these days with all of the paperwork involved. It was a simpler and happier time.’