Your local BP garage and integrated Wild Bean Café is a much under-appreciated retail asset when it comes to last-minute Christmas shopping.

Once every other retailer has closed its doors for the festive season, it will still be there to welcome you with open arms.

However, it can be quite difficult to find the right gift for that special someone, so allow us to give you a few pointers.

Charcoal briquettes may not seem like an obvious choice outside of barbecue season, but they are perfect for writing love-filled messages on your living room wall. If you have been putting off that ‘live, laugh, love’ mural this year, then this inexpensive idea could be just what you are looking for.

Coffee travel mugs are also a perfect present for someone who wants to regularly save 10p whenever they purchase a take-away coffee. More importantly, they can actually handle any other type of liquid, hot or cold. Orange Fanta, Baileys, Irn Bru … the sky’s the limit.

Daphne and Celeste albums are perfect for someone who looks back at the early 2000’s pop music scene with a great deal of fondness, and if you are very lucky you may even spot the soundtrack from the Steven Seagal classic Under Siege. If you are even luckier you may even spot the DVD.

Condoms are ideal for men who are going to get intimate at Christmas but don’t want their partner’s to have to suffer a sticky and uncomfortable pregnancy in an Indian summer. As far as we are concerned, ‘extra safe’ is just another way of saying ‘thinking of you.’