Essex Trunkways released full details today of the upcoming full closure of certain sections of the A127 that will take place over the ‘quieter, school-free’ days and nights of August 2016. A spokesperson confirmed that there will be some minor inconvenience during the closures, but at the same time also that South Essex will be left with an Arterial Road that will be ‘the envy of the rest of the world.’

ET spokesperson Julian Cloggs said: ‘All of the closures will take place around the clock from midnight on 1st August until midnight on 1st September, but to eliminate any problems we will always leave some sections with a single lane in operation at busier times of the day. Specific details will be available a little closer to the time, and we would encourage the general public to follow Essex Trunkways on Twitter to be the first to know. The biggest closure will be the Fortune of War Roundabout – work will take place to convert it back into a proper working roundabout as people keep getting confused and smashing into the central reservation when the roundabout runs out. A diversion through Laindon will keep traffic flowing smoothly in times of lower demand, with some minimal traffic congestion expected during working hours.’

He continued: ‘The section between Rayleigh Weir and Progress Road will only see a couple of overnight closures so that new booths can be fitted in preparation for the toll charges in 2018 – however these are always going to be temporary until the number plate recognition cameras are ready to enter service. We understand that the programme of closures will lead to temporary frustration for local motorists, but we would encourage people to use the world class A13 route wherever possible. Once the widened section leading to the M25 is completed in 2028 it will provide a fast and convenient final mile or so to the busiest motorway in the world.’


  1. Simply get rid of the roundabout at the Fortune of War completely. It has been in its current format for a number of years, and have never seen anyone hit the barriers – those that have shouldnt have a driving licence.

    Road tolls on the A127 ?? assuming the road fund licence will be reduced at some point or am i neing naive ??