Ah the A127! Southend’s so-called ‘Arterial Road’ needs a quadruple bypass at the best of times, and it seems to stir up opinions and outrage on a regular basis. 

It is always a hot topic on Twitter, and earlier this morning the social media guys for Adventure Island (Southend’s driest theme park) decided that enough was enough. 

We’ll ignore the apostrophe abuse on this occasion out of respect for the sheer ‘cahones’ of these people, taking on the SBC big boys and then proceeding to post pictures of an empty Seaway Car Park that is also apparently the council’s fault. 

In a measured and sensible response, Southend Borough Council pointed out that the A127 works were both necessary and progressing nicely. 

In the interests of fairness and giving everyone the best possible chance of seeing how we helped the situation by just royally taking the piss out of both sides, please follow the link at the end of the article. To be honest, we probably didn’t help with this example:

So, next time you are anywhere near The Fairway or any other A127 fun and games, take a moment to remember this little exchange and have a bit of a chuckle. 

Our assessment of the situation is that Adventure Island should just swallow their pride and issue a full apology to Southend Borough Council. If hostilities continue, who could stop SBC from kicking them out and turning both sides of the theme park into flats. Lots and lots of flats. Possibly a Tesco Express as well – we need one down there. 

Have a look on Twitter to see how it all unfolded, and feel free to wade in with your own constructive opinions and comments. Alternatively, just do what we did – either way it’s all engagement baby.