A spokesperson for BMW has confirmed today that all models of their cars sold in the UK will be fitted with INDICATORS as standard from January 2019.

According to the German automotive giant, this ‘groundbreaking’ decision has been taken due to changing attitudes towards driving in modern Britain, and also the fact that it has never been more useful for other motorists to have a clear idea of the direction in which a BMW vehicle driver intends to take their vehicle at junctions and roundabouts.

Company representative Hans Von Auto-Umfall sat down with our Chief Reporter earlier today to discuss the manufacturer’s fresh approach to road safety.

He said: ‘Earlier this year, we conducted a three-month study of BMW drivers in the UK, and one major outcome from this research was that drivers were finding it difficult at times to accurately predict when a motorist in one of our cars intended to turn off a major road or take a certain exit at a roundabout.’

‘We then looked at similar vehicles from other manufacturers, and we observed that many of them have a small stick attached to the left of the steering wheel that can be raised or lowered – this in turn then sends a signal to one of two sets of flashing lights that are attached to the exterior of the vehicle.’

‘When other motorists see this external signal, they can then accurately adjust their own driving actions to avoid being forced off the road into a ditch or head-first into a bus stop full of people.’

Mr Von-Umfall added: ‘Drivers can also look forward to a number of intelligent safety innovations in 2019.’

‘While other manufacturers have developed an audible alert that sounds when motorists fall asleep and stray accidentally into another lane, we have developed a lane guidance system for motorways that alerts motorists when they are not spending the majority of their time in the middle and outside lanes.’

‘4×4 models can also be configured with an optional setting for automatic lane straddling.’



  1. What BMW are not announcing is the phasing out of their Lifetime DLAT Certificate which, up until now, has been supplied with every car they have made since 1989.
    New owners will only get 12 months during which to drive like a twat and this is non-transerable.

  2. A welcome step but BMW really needs to concentrate on computer-controlled self-driving cars to ensure there is actually a working brain controlling the car.