We don’t normally share things like this, but a number of our readers have asked us to share an appeal for information after the tragic death of the motorcyclist Bobby Munroe between The Bell and the Tesco Roundabout on the A127 on Friday morning. 

If anybody with any information was on this stretch of the A127 between 8.30am and 8.45am on Friday 2nd December, it is vital that you contact Essex Police on 101. 

Even if you think that your information won’t be useful, it is always worth contacting the police just in case. 

Also, we are aware that many vehicles are fitted with dash cams these days, and so you may even have filmed part of the fatal incident. Please go back and check your footage even if you think that there is the slightest chance that you caught any of it. 

The appeal that is currently circulating on Facebook asks that any potentially vital footage is kept off of social media and just handed over to the police to minimise the distress of the young man’s family at this incredibly difficult time. 

We have shared a lot of footage in the past on SNN from dash cameras, but we have always withheld anything of this nature for that very reason. It goes without saying that this sort of sharing could have devastating legal consequences as well in the event of a court case. 

Finally, please share this appeal on your own Facebook page and anywhere else where you think it may be useful. The A127 is a major route, and so someone just passing through the area may have information or footage. 

The original appeal from Facebook is below.