There has been an angry reaction in London today after a leading architect revealed that the iconic Gherkin skyscraper close to Liverpool Street Station is based on a woman wearing a burka.

According to Sir Murphy Pommefrite-Adams, chairman of the London Guild of Architecturery, The Gherkin is designed to reflect sunlight during the period of sunset to give the impression that the top of the building is a lady wearing the traditional Islamic garment.

He added, ‘The building was designed to provide a hint of multicultural awareness in London, and it is simply breathtaking.’

‘The only way to really appreciate the intricate design is to take a helicopter ride in the early evening – from the ground it just looks like any other building. In the inner circle of architecturery, we call it ‘The Burkin.’

‘They did something similar with The Shard. It is designed to look like a shard.’