Chloe Adams is one of the women who has threatened to leave Bulge Leisure and Fitness in Southend after the boss ordered all women to COVER UP during workouts.

One of the largest and most popular gyms in Essex has caused OUTRAGE after the centre’s management introduced a new policy stating that all female members need to ‘cover their skin as much as possible’ – the email indicates that a number of complaints have been received from male gym users. Although many female members of Bulge Leisure and Fitness in Cobbleton Road, Southend have indicated that they will not be renewing their memberships in protest, boss Stuart Oglivy is adamant that the policy will remain ‘for the foreseeable future.’

We asked Mr Oglivy to explain the centre’s bizarre new policy, and he said: ‘Although many of our female members prefer to exercise with a previously respectable amount of exposed skin in order to remain cool during a heavy workout, in the last few months a number of male users have complained that they are being distracted by the sight of these ladies – two of the people who voiced their concerns even threatened to leave and work out elsewhere. Therefore, from 17th March 2016, all female members of Bulge will need to cover up as much as possible, although bare hands and faces will be allowed for health and safety reasons.’

Samuel Lobon has been a member of Bulge for the past year, and he agrees with the decision. He said: ‘When I use the treadmill, the last thing that I want to see is a well-toned woman walking past, and my friend flew off a piece of machinery and broke his leg in January after spotting a particularly sleek pair of triceps. All of the moaners out there need to remember that we are there to get fit – it’s not a pickup joint.’

The university student added: ‘I’m not convinced that bare faces should be allowed either. I was curling the 10kg dumbells the other day and the lady using the 15s was probably the prettiest girl I have ever seen – I had to sit down for a minute until I could clear my head.’

We passed Mr Oglivy some of the emails that we have received from ladies who use the gym, and a major concern is that some women may overheat while exercising. He added: ‘The safety and wellbeing of every single member is our top priority, and therefore we have allocated a small area behind a partition where ladies can use exercise bikes in their regular gym clothes. Alternatively, if they wish to use our weights, we have installed a water spray machine that will allow them to keep cool while being fully clothed.’

Chloe Adams is one of the ladies who has threatened to leave Bulge after receiving the email. She said: ‘The whole situation is crazy. I can complete a whole workout problem-free while a 20-stone moron in a small vest stands 5ft away and grunts like he is trying to sh*t a rugby ball, but I can’t show a bit of shoulder in case he sees me and gives himself a hernia – what planet are these people living on?’



  1. This is appalling and unbelievable. Sexist at its worst.

    I have an attractive slim figure so why should I cover it up just because of some prudish manager?

    When I’m working out I regularly get compliments and charming smiles in the club; after their potentially dull day at work it can be satisfying to elevate some of the male members.