A number of proud parents of newborn babies in Southend have been contacting Southend News Network to describe how their home births have been ruined by a baby photographer breaking in to take photos. 

According to these reports, since May 2016 Jennifer Entrude of Coconut Photography has been sneaking into properties where home births are in progress, before forcibly taking photos of new babies and then demanding £49.99 for a key ring and two coasters. 

Amanda and Michael Fleece spoke to our Chief Reporter after the photographer climbed in through their living room window while Amanda was in labour with their daughter Ruby. 

She said: ‘As soon as the community midwife was wrapping Ruby in a towel, the window swung open and a woman just climbed inside with a laptop and a camera.’

‘She then just started taking photos of Ruby and rearranged all of our sofa cushions to make the images more artistic. We kept asking her to stop but she just said that the photos were a legal requirement for anyone having a home birth.’

‘We specifically chose a home birth to get away from Coconut Photography reps that prowl around the maternity ward at our local hospital. After taking a few photos, she then said that we could have them all on a USB for £99.99.’

Martin and Claire Canvas emailed our Newsdesk to say that the same photographer threw a brick through their kitchen window to gain entry while Claire was in labour. 

Martin said: ‘The head had barely popped out and this lady was climbing through shattered glass to get into our flat.’

‘She then just started getting photos from all different angles while mumbling something about a ‘value pack’ that included an extensive selection of three 6×4 prints and a mouse mat. Who the hell puts a mouse on a mouse mat these days?’

We contacted Coconut Photography for their response to these allegations. 

Their spokesperson Matilda Scheme said: ‘We cannot comment on individual photographers, but any complaints will be investigated thoroughly.’

‘At Coconut Photography, we strongly believe that nothing complements the joyous moment of a new arrival better than having a great big camera shoved in the baby’s face – whether you give birth at hospital or at home.’