The owner of Stuff'd insists that she has been forced to introduce the £5 breastfeeding charge for legal reasons.

Diners and parents have reacted angrily to Southend buffet restaurant Stuff’d introducing a £5 charge for mothers who need to breastfeed their infants during a meal.

According to the manager of the famous Clifftown Road establishment, they have been forced to implement the charge ‘for legal reasons.’

Owner Natalia Reola explained: ‘Since we opened in 2009, we haven’t had a license to serve alcohol, but diners have been allowed to bring their own wine and pay a £5 corkage fee.’

‘This is the charge to open and drink their own alcoholic beverage while in our restaurant.’

‘Last week, a customer became angry when he was charged for bringing his own red wine while a young mother was breastfeeding her child on another table ‘for free’ – he felt that she was also bringing an ‘external beverage’ for consumption during a meal.’

She continued: ‘We consulted a team of lawyers about this, and they told us that allowing mothers to breastfeed for free and charging people to bring their own wine could lead to a discrimination lawsuit.’

‘Therefore, we have no choice but to introduce a £5 charge for anyone who breastfeeds during their meal, and the same fee will apply to bottle feeding as well as an extra precaution.’

This isn’t the first time that the ‘all you can eat’ restaurant has hit the headlines. In 2013 they were forced to withdraw their ‘Eat Until You Bleed’ kids menu after complaints – parents believed that the £3.99 deal was promoting childhood obesity.

Ms Reola added: ‘I am aware that a lot of mothers will be upset by this decision, and so if they want to avoid the charge they are more than welcome to breastfeed their babies in our terraced smoking area.’

‘We have a number of chairs in this section to make it as comfortable as possible for them.’


  1. When this restaurant tried to impose this £5 charge on my wife she complained that ‘corkage’ should only be charged on alcoholic drinks.

    An argument then ensued when the restaurant pointed out that my wife was already on her second bottle of wine which was bound to affect her breast milk.

    This is a real con as we had bought the wine in the restaurant!

  2. Firstly breastfeeding milk is a food not a beverage. Secondly they are now endorsing that breastfeeding mothers should now sit with their babies in a smoke filled environment. Wasnt there a law just brought in about children under a certain age being in cars with smoker doesn’t the same apply?
    As to the person who complained they’re the ones that need to be kicked out into the smoking area. I bet they also got in their car and drove home afterwards also.
    Grow up and get a life. Absolutely pathetic!