Religious campaigners have vowed to ‘fight Cadbury all the way’ after a Welsh-language sign appeared in North Wales that translates to ‘SPRING MULTI-FAITH EGG HUNT.’

According to sources in the area, ‘Mwynhewch Hwyl y Pasg yn yr’ has been carefully chosen to ‘promote a sentiment of total cross-community involvement.

‘Helfa Wyau’ translates to ‘Bridge religious divisions.’

The banner was spotted in the grounds of the National Trust property Pontypandy Hall just outside of the village of Cwywwechlli, and there has been an outpouring of outrage in the area as the sign doesn’t mention the word ‘Easter.’

Local resident Giles Jones-Thomas said: ‘It’s disgusting that they have taken an Easter tradition and treated it in this way just so they don’t upset anyone.’

‘I don’t have a problem with non-Christians taking part, but they need to realise that Easter is all about a Christian tradition.’

‘You don’t hear about the Jews getting a Cross-Faith Unleavened Bread Festival, so why should Easter be any different.’

‘It’s political correctness gone mad. It’s all in the Bible in black and white.’

The event was organised in association with the Horace Paydegal Foundation – a charity that was set up in 2012 to promote ‘Multicultural and Inclusive Inclusion In North Wales.’

Niles Brandreth of the HPF said: ‘We get thousands of complaints from non-Christians every year with children who feel marginalised in regular egg hunts.’

‘We are not removing all references to Easter on the day of the event. A dedicated tent will be set up for anyone who wants to have a bit of a pray.’