An emergency fundraising appeal for the media personality Katie Hopkins has reached £17,000 after it was revealed that the TV star had been forced to file for insolvency due to legal bills form a libel court case with the food blogger Jack Monroe.

Members of the public have been giving generously to the beleaguered ex-contestant on The Apprentice, with many predicting that the final total could shoot up into millions of pounds.

You can visit the appeal and share or donate here.

The President of her fan club KHUK (pronounced ‘luck’) told Southend News Network that the generosity of the general public shows that there is still a huge amount of love for Katie.

Terence Towelington added, ‘Every penny that is raised will help her get back on her feet.’

‘For example, just £90 is enough to get a pair of suede jackboots resoled, while £2500 is enough for a private hospital procedure that expands someone’s gall bladder by more than 300% to handle excessive amounts of bile.’

‘A laparoscopic augmentocholecystectomy also re-reroutes the anus into itself, thus preventing further complications.’

You can visit the appeal and share or donate here. Please give generously.