Miss Tuppeny Nudger was allegedly one of the most popular 'workers' in the seafront arcade scene.

Parents have been expressing their DISGUST after it emerged that a number of amusement arcades on Southend Seafront have been playing host to a ’24 hour prostitution ring’ – locals have confirmed to Southend News Network that this has been going on for a number of years. In an effort to evade the authorities, most of the hookers have been using stage names such as ‘Tuppeny Nudger’ and ‘Donkey Derby.’

In the early hours of Sunday morning, officers from the South East Essex Vice SWAT team raided the Golden Carpet arcade on Shore Row, and 12 immediate arrests were made when a room of mattresses and candy floss dispensers was discovered at the rear of the arcade. In simultaneous raids, more than 125 other people were arrested, and onlookers at popular arcade Cherries described the scene as ‘chaotic.’

Sam A (name changed) has been a regular visitor to the 67-year-old Tuppeny Nudger at the rear of Golden Carpet, and he spoke to Southend News Network to offer an insight into the seedy underworld that runs parallel to 2p machines, £1 bowling alleys and soft toy grabbers. He said: ‘I’m ashamed to say that I was a client of Miss Tuppeny Nudger for many years, and everybody knew what the 18+ section was really for in Golden Carpet. Back in the 90’s, the whole seafront was a really sleek and professional operation, but it has gone downhill lately. The seafront has been flooded in more ways that one, and some of the ladies down here are charging £5 per half-hour to remain competitive – standards have taken a real hammering.’

We asked Sam why she was known as ‘Miss Tuppeny Nudger,’ and he said: ‘Her party piece was a big hit with her clients! She would cover herself in 2p coins and thrust her chest outwards – this made all of the coins at the front fall down. It really was finders keepers.’

The Chief Reporter managed to contact a lady who retired a few years ago, working as ‘Kursaal Domes.’ She said: ‘As soon as I heard that the Airshow was going to be cancelled, I decided to call it a day. If our council don’t want people to visit our seafront, how could I have carried on? It got so bad one day that my only clients were people visiting on nursing home coach tours, and when one of them keeled over I knew that it was time to leave. I come back for the occasional strip night at my favourite pub The Tattooed Knuckle but that’s all really – even the karaoke is appalling down there these days.’


  1. My grandmother is devastated by this news and these arrests; they have left her in complete shock. The cancellation of the coach tours just makes matters worse.

    Ever since I was a lad I can remember granny talking about Saturday nights at the Golden Carpet but I just didn’t realise what was going on was real and not just tall stories from an elderly woman. Fortunately she wasn’t there when it was raided as she goes to bed early – else she could have got caught up in this raid.

    However, this is leaving her worried as she needs another part time job to supplement her pension. The week before the raid she’d earned £35.50 providing services to some gentlemen from the nursing home. When I asked her which one gave her 50p she replied “All of them”.