Weather forecasters are urging people in Essex to make sure that they are ready for the so-called ‘Arctic Blast’ that has been forecast for this weekend. Many Essex residents will be able to see up to 3 feet of snow or more if they happen to be on holiday somewhere really cold or on YouTube, and Essex Safer Driving has warned that drivers should take extra care when out on the roads and even use that little stick that rests on the left of most steering wheels (except BMWs). 

We spoke to Paul Chaffinch-Antelope from the Essex Weather Office and he explained exactly how the Arctic Blast could affec…effec…touch the lives of everyone in the county. He said: ‘An Arctic Blast happens when air is blasted over from the Arctic – this is traditionally an area of the world where it gets very cold with lots of snow and reindeer. When the volume of cold air is blown to another place where it is usually warmer, people in that place will suddenly feel chilly and perhaps have to put the heating on, and in areas with high social media usage it can also snow and generally descend into chaos. More likes, shares and comments can increase the likelihood of wintry showers in both high and low areas, and we would therefore advise Essex residents to remain active.’

Local photographers are also gearing up for the Arctic Blast by choosing locations for some awesome wintry images, but local father of twelve Mark Endofit is urging photo enthusiasts to remain cautious and vigilant. He said: ‘There will be kids out in the snow, and I don’t want any of mine to wander into a photo as that would be well dodgy. I’ve asked all of my Facebook friends to patrol the most popular outdoor areas just in case, and they have now been trained to join hands and form a ‘ring of judgement’ around any potential sex offenders until the police arrive.’