Shock images from the recent Day Of The Sun military parade in North Korea have led to accusations that the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un has been showing off rockets and missiles that are FAKE.

One photo in particular shows a soldier proudly standing with a so-called rocket that may actually just be a tin of baked beans with a funnel on top.

This news will come as an embarrassment to the leader of the secretive state.

North Korean defector Suk Mi Gud told our Chief Reporter that this sort of practice was commonplace during his days in the Supreme Army Regiment of the Eternal Leader or some bollocks like that.

He said: ‘One rocket launch went horribly wrong. It started rising into the air slowly, and then it sort of slowed down in mid air and moved to the right while a mysterious pair of black gloves could be clearly seen against the night sky.’

‘We were told that they were the hands of the eternal president guiding our aircraft on its mission.’

‘It then landed and some kind of human test subjects walked out with spoons for arms – they were horribly disfigured.’

‘The walking teddy bear was scary as shit as well.’

A spokesperson for Amnesty International confirmed that a number of similar stories have emerged from North Korea in the last few years.

He added: ‘One person we spoke to suffered from severe drug-induced hallucinations and told us he had witnessed a talking bottle of Domestos whose whole body separated in two.’