A source has revealed that Arsenal could be set to pull off the transfer of the summer after Arsène Wenger submitted a £198,000,001 bid for striker Neymar to Barcelona. 

It is thought that the extra pound has persuaded the Brazilian star to talk to the Gunners.

Our source said: ‘The paperwork for the transfer to Paris Saint Germain was all in place, when suddenly his agents received an email from Arsène Wenger to say that he was willing to chuck an extra quid on top.’

‘Premier League and La Liga lawyers have already asked for proof that the £198,000,001 payment would be from legitimate funds, and the appropriate Financial Fair Play checks have been passed.’

‘A group of wealthy Kenyan lions have formed a consortium and have offered the club the the majority of the vast sum to blow owner Stan Kroenke’s head clean off.’

‘Therefore, technically it is earned income through sponsorship and marketing.’

‘The remainder of the payment will come from the club’s transfer warchest, if anyone can remember the combination.’

The move will come as a shock for many people in the world of football, however Wenger is remaining coy about the whole deal.

Speaking briefly to reporters outside their London Colney training ground, Wenger simply said that he ‘admired’ the Brazilian.

He added: ‘He has a big potential in my opinion, but ideally he would need to spend a few seasons on loan at Wolverhampton Wanderers to try and get used to the pace of the English game.’

‘In any case, we are already overstaffed in Neymar’s position.’

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho called the transfer ‘disgusting,’ adding: ‘I can’t see how these clubs can get away with spending so much money just to guarantee success.’