A spokesperson for ASDA has confirmed that their 2019 Christmas advert will just be the actor Tom Hardy reading out the store’s opening and closing times over the festive period.

According to information provided by Facebook, the top question asked on the social media network between 14th December and 3rd January is ‘What time does ASDAS shut’ in a variety of different spelling configurations.

ASDA’s spokesperson added, ‘Our research has showed us that the people who have the complete inability to look up our opening hours on Google are the same people who spot Tom Hardy reading the CBeebies bedtime story and then start foaming at the ovaries.’

‘Therefore, it made perfect sense to forget about the fancy Christmas televisual spectacular for 2019 and just get Mr Hardy reading out this information while wearing a silly hat.’

We held a private viewing of the commercial for members of the popular Facebook group Southend Mums, Mumming and Mummery.

‘After getting some blue roll for the floor, member Michelle Garridge said, ‘It’s all clear now. 24-hour opening doesn’t apply to the stretch of night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.’

It is thought that the Radio Times will also be employing Mr Hardy in the next couple of weeks to try and counteract the sheer number of people who create an iPhone note showing every Christmas film, the time it is on and the channel, before taking a screenshot of it that includes their phone network and remaining battery life and sharing it on Facebook ‘just too be helpful.’