The retail world is in shock today after it was discovered that charging way more than everyone else for the same products isn’t a feasible business model. 

In another crazy development, it has also emerged that most of the people who scream about ‘helping your local business’ usually just use Amazon and Tesco because the parking is a ‘ball ache.’

Retail expert Clive Saveloy said, ‘Many parental consumers have a real ‘thing’ about not paying 40% over the odds for something that they really need.’

’The same principle applies in tbe world of toy and electrical component retail as well. It seems that there is some sort of trend for not being ripped off.’

Staff who may be affected by the heavy job losses have confirmed that they are ‘delighted’ with the manner in which their employers have clung onto the idea that people in 2018 still like to touch things before buying them.