Officers who are currently working under Operation Yewtree have confirmed that Bananaman, whose real name is Barry Banaman, has been arrested and questioned after allegations surfaced relating to ‘unacceptable sexual behaviour in the 1980’s.’

At around 10am on Sunday morning, officers from the Acacia Road Exploitation Task Force raided his property and performed a complete search – a camera crew from the BBC accompanied the officers to record proceedings. 

No official statement has been made at this time, but one colleague has come forward to give her side of the story. She has asked to remain anonymous, and so we have agreed to only refer to her as Penny C. 

She said: ‘I used to film my show in the next studio to Barry, and there were always a lot of bananas left hanging around as most episodes took a lot of takes to get right. At one point the Beeb must have been spending £1000 a day on the fruit.’

‘He burst into my dressing room on a couple of occasions and asked me to eat a banana suggestively. There was even a day during the great banana strike of 1986 when there were none left in the studio and he asked me to draw one. I obliged, and then he asked me to watch him make it disappear without using any magic.’

‘Luckily, TOM the robot from Bertha walked in before he could get too aggressive. He had a bit of a reputation but nobody at the time was willing to speak out as he was considered a ‘hero’ for all of those lives he saved.’

‘Any modern show with that sheer volume of bananas coming and going would have a safeguarding action plan in place, but the BBC of the 80’s was a very different place.’

The revelations could not have come at a worse possible time for the BBC, with an internal investigation already underway into allegations that Superted was originally abducted by a spotty man against his will and force-fed a mixture of amphetamines and magic mushrooms by Mother Nature. 

According to one insider on the show, the resulting 36 episodes were just a hallucinogenic trip for the benefit of the viewing audience.