A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that a Father Ted and Dangermouse crossover project is currently in production.

Although details of the show are currently a closely guarded secret, during initial filming in Wickford, Essex, screams of ‘Drink! Crumbs!’ could be heard on a number of occasions.

An insider said, ‘The plot revolves around a project to convert a derelict old building into a pub where all of the drinks come from The Commonwealth and are sold in acres and cubic feet.’

‘However, getting The Ecumenical Matter Public House up and running by the end of January doesn’t go entirely to plan when the landlord’s trusty sidekick gets angry over repeated delays before getting accidentally sucked into a passing road sweeping vehicle.’

‘There are some light-hearted moments as well. In episode four, they hilariously mistake a group of German tourists for Nazis because they forgot that the war happened ages ago, before the group run off to find the toilets and they are all presumed missing eleven hours later.’