It seems that we can now add the BBC to the list named ‘people and organisations who we have pissed off today.’

We published an article yesterday that discussed how some people had heard the word ‘c*nt’ during an episode of the popular kids programme Show Me Show Me on CBeebies, and in the interests of clarity we captured a clip so that everyone could come to their own conclusion. 

Naturally we added the appropriate copyright text to the clip so that we didn’t get in the shit. 

Around 12 hours later, while other versions of the clip were still live on YouTube, we got the following email to say that the BBC had thrown a little hissy fit and had the video removed for copyright reasons:

It’s all a bit silly really as they have dedicated a whole news article to us in the past and been all luvvy-duvvy about it. That being said, one of their Radio 5 Live presenters recently fell for one of our stories in the same weekend as Katie Hopkins-gate, so to be fair they probably just have the hump now. 

Alternatively, it might have something to do with the fact that we told the whole world that Mr Tumble had been suspended because of an expired CRB check. 

So, if you are looking at our original article and wondering why the clip has disappeared, it is because Aunty Beeb has rattled her public-funded sabre. SNN forgives you, for now. 

We truly believed that the BBC would have been happy for people to have the opportunity to make their own judgement. After all, they are not an organisation to routinely cover things up, are they? Now then …