A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that the producers of Question Time will be adopting a points-based system when choosing people to appear in the audience for the weekly show.

It is thought that the new approach will allow the corporation to avoid allegations of bias in the future by ensuring that there will be a full range of political views, all the way up to ‘Alf Garnett resurrected.’

He said, ‘It will be ten points if you have a hair style that screams ‘My name is Karen and I wish to speak to the manager,’ and then a further twenty points if you look like you are one racist soliloquy away from literally exploding on camera and sending your internal organs flying all over the studio.’

‘Twenty points will be added to your total if you have said ‘You can’t say anything these days without someone getting upset’ on Facebook within the last twelve months, along with a further ten bonus points on top if you have called Jeremy Corbyn a ‘Nancy Boy’ because he refuses to nuke Iran.’

Industry analysts believe that the BBC has been forced to act after a regretful incident in the last episode of the show when one audience member ‘literally’ invaded Poland.

A witness said, ‘One minute, she was laying the blame for all of Britain’s problems on immigrants, and before any members of the panel could reply she had jumped into a tank and was advancing across Continental Europe.’