A spokesperson for Sesame Street International has confirmed that the character Big Bird will soon be renamed as it is an offensive term for ‘fat woman.’

Although the iconic member of the cast will retain his original name outside the United Kingdom, all episodes that are broadcast here will soon have the name ‘dubbed out’ and replaced with ‘Steve.’

A source said, ‘We tried a number of alternatives, but we were unable to get approval from Ofcom in the UK.’

‘Yellow Bird’ was deemed as offensive to Chinese people, and ‘Tall Bird’ wasn’t accepted as it could be unreasonable to assume the character’s species.’

‘Therefore, in the end we just went for ‘Steve’ to get back on the air again.’

‘The whole thing is ridiculous. We’ve already had to rebrand Tickle Me Elmo after the whole Yewtree thing.’

Melanie Fuch-Weet is CEO of the pressure group Equality Equality For All, and she told us that she was ‘delighted’ with the news.

She added, ‘So many young girls have grown up wanting to become a ‘Big Bird’ because of Jim Henson’s recklessness.’

‘Obesity is a huge issue in this country at the moment, and they have been glorifying it in a sickening manner.’

‘They could have kept the spirit of the name and gone for something like ‘Leslie The Imposing Non-Gender Specific Being,’ but Steve will have to do for now.’

‘I for one am overjoyed that the creators have seen sense, and perhaps it’s time for Cookie Monster to switch to rice cakes and save our hard-pressed diabetes clinics a whole load of time and money.’