A bodybuilder from Southend in Essex has admitted that he gets ‘incredibly aroused’ when he lays out 400 Tupperware boxes to prepare his meals for the week and fills them all up with the same thing. 

According to 34-year-old Gary Pinut, it’s the second most arousing thing imaginable behind his own reflection.

He said: ‘This morning I placed all the boxes on the worktop in my kitchen and filled them all with white fish and brown rice – I then stared at them all for a few seconds before it was new y-fronts time.’

‘At least I think I was aroused at the time. Hard to tell these days.’

‘I have friends on Facebook who look at my meal prep pictures and suddenly feel the urge to knock one out as well.’

‘I usually post them along with a description of the body part that I am going to destroy in the following gym sessiom – just this morning I managed to utterly destroy my biceps, triceps and spleen.’

Jessica Titzout is a 22-year-old fitness competitor from Westcliff, and she told Southend News Network that she usually adds the hashtag #smashingit.

She added: ‘We’re all ‘smashing this’ and ‘destroying that,’ it’s a miracle that we’re not all in wheelchairs already.’

‘I don’t actually post current selfies – I’ve just come up with different names for each day like ‘Throwback Thursday’ and ‘Wanker Wednesday’ to show an image that demonstrates how fit and sexy I am now and how I used to be a whale.’

We asked Gary what he was planning to eat next week.

He said: ‘I’m not sure yet. Perhaps some sort of white fish and brown rice.’