A source within 10 Downing Street has confirmed that the prime minister Boris Johnson is furious after an RAF Voyager aircraft was accidentally repainted in the design of an EU flag and not the Union Jack ‘red, white and blue’ that was originally ordered.

The idea of the £900,000 project was to create an aircraft that could be used to showcase Great Britain all over the world, but the embarrassing blunder has been blamed on a ‘misunderstanding’ by the world-famous aircraft livery company Verhofstadt and Barnier of Oxfordshire.

Our source added, ‘It’s too late to change it now.’

‘The original quote was so high because the Ministry of Trade asked for the paint job to be Scotch-guarded for extra longevity, and this means that the surface cannot be painted over until the protective layer wears off in thirty years’ time.’

‘There is no budget to replace the aircraft either at the moment due to the amount of money spent on the pandemic, so it looks like Mr Johnson and his team will be force to travel the world in this for the foreseeable future.’

‘It should make European trade negotiations a bit more interesting.’