The Conservative MP Boris Johnson has agreed to apologise after the Prime Minister Theresa May personally intervened to diffuse the currently volatile situation.

Reading out a pre-prepared statement outside his home, he said, ‘I wish to apologise for any upset that I may have recently caused.’

‘I can understand how traumatic it may be for a member of the public to be confronted with the sight of a mop-headed, jingoistic man baby, and I can only say how deeply sorry I really am.’

A journalist then asked Mr Johnson if he was sorry over recent remarks that he made about women in burkas looking like ‘letter boxes.’

He said, ‘Yes this is a situation that I need to address as a matter of urgency.’

‘I can comprehend why this comment would have caused a great deal of offence, and I apologise for this blatant sexism.’

‘Men can wear burkas too. I am all about diversity and all that shit.’