SPECIAL REPORT from Carpet Martin of British Rationals

“It’s the new Game of Thrones” claim fans.

Fans of the popular, long running saga ‘Brexit’ got a boost today when Comic-Con announced that some of its biggest stars will be present and available for pictures and autographs for its 2019 show at the ExCel Centre in London.

“We know people have been a bit down on Brexit for the last couple of seasons” announced Chip McQuango, one of the organisers, “but we’re sure what fans have to see in the next twelve months is going to knock their socks off.”

The news comes after two of Brexit’s biggest stars quit the show this week. David Davis cited ‘artistic differences,’ while Boris Johnson was more scathing, allegedly stating, “You can’t polish a turd.”

Regular readers will remember that Johnson was, before being cast in Brexit, set to be the main star in ‘Condemned,’ a hostage drama about a group of liberal intellectuals suffering the effects of Stockholm Syndrome.

Many people thought that the previous lead (David Cameron) had not been convincing in his last season and Johnson was his natural successor.

However it’s now understood he simply followed the money to ‘Brexit.’

It’s hoped by fans that there will also be an appearance by Theresa May next year who it is understood has cancelled all current future engagements.

[more to follow]