A seven-year-old boy has been suspended from his primary school in Southend On Sea for a whole week after parents complained about a ‘racist’ juice drink that he had taken to school in his lunch box. 

According to Lewis Danone’s mum Kerri, three mums at Burnett Avenue Primary Academy raised concerns after he took a carton of the mixed fruit drink Um Bongo into school last week.

She said: ‘I received a phone call and was told that I had to collect Lewis immediately, and when I arrived they informed me that the school has a zero-tolerance policy towards hateful speech and racist motives.’

‘They shouldn’t sell Um Bongo in Tesco if there is a chance that it can lead to the incitement of racial hatred.’

‘I have been issued with an official letter saying that Lewis could be permanently expelled if he brings in any other lunch or snack items that cause offence.’

‘To be honest, I’m scared to even give him Nutella now.’

We spoke to headteacher Dr Julia Ki-Ora who confirmed that the action had been taken.

She added: ‘We had no choice but to take decisive action as even the name of the product can upset a number of minorities.’

‘Bongo Bongo Land’ is a nasty term to mean anywhere in Africa, and as far as we are concerned drinking the juice is saying that black people need to go back to the jungle.’

‘To make matters worse, one of our older pupils typed the phrase ‘Um Bongo’ into YouTube and ten minutes later fifty children were dancing around a classroom singing ‘Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo.’

‘Two children have already been withdrawn from school by irate parents.’