A woman who checked in at the Accident and Emergency department of her local hospital with a massive amount of drama has shockingly confirmed that she is alive.

In spite of the terrible injuries that she suffered, Marie Adams somehow managed to get into her Facebook account to let everyone know she was in hospital.

Unfortunately she did not manage to provide further details.

After 73 comments from concerned friends and family there was no response, leading everyone to fear for the worst.

Questions ranging from ‘Oh no babe, what’s happened?’ to ‘Are you OK hun?’ were left unanswered, and bizarrely Marie was showing as online for several hours after the initial post.

A family member has confirmed that Marie is back at home after her ordeal, and has been advised to ‘put some ice’ on the toe which she banged while getting out of bed.

A friend of the family told us, ‘She thought she might have broken her toe, but she didn’t get around to mentioning this to anyone after posting on Facebook that she was in A&E.’

‘She probably just didn’t want to worry people. She sure hates getting attention, and would never seek it.’

The evening after Marie’s traumatic experience she bravely managed to get back on her phone to finally put everyone’s mind at ease.

She left a comment under the dozens of concerned messages saying, ‘Thanks everyone. I’m going to be OK. I’ll ring you later if you can all send me your numbers as I lost my phone.’