A spokesperson for Essex Police has confirmed that two men were arrested shortly after 1pm on Saturday afternoon for public indecency after members of the public spotted them committing a ‘sex act’ in a public toilet. 

Officers attended the toilets close to the High Street on Pearlstring Lane and took the two men into custody. 

Although the identity of the two men hasn’t been revealed, local sources have said that one of the two individuals was the local Spanish-Russian businessman Juan Kossoff. 

Kossoff owns a number of Polish good stores throughout South Essex. 

A witness said: ‘I was using the urinal this afternoon when I noticed that a foot kept creeping out from under one of the cubicle doors – the whole frame was creaking. 

‘All of a sudden it went quiet and I heard a voice ask me to pass some toilet paper through as they had run out. That’s when I knew that they were up to no good.’

‘When the police arrived they quickly threw some items over the wall in a desperate attempt to hide them.’

‘I must have counted three balloons, a hairbrush and a tub of baking powder.’

The two men have been ordered to appear before magistrates on Monday morning.