Was she just looking for somewhere warm for a cat nap?

For once, Southend News Network is delighted to report some actual news! On Tuesday 17th May, Southend Facebook user Konstantins Marackovskis‎ posted an image on our Facebook page as he was desperate to find his beloved 3-year-old female ginger cat, and by Wednesday evening it was confirmed that she had been found alive and well after going on one hell of a journey across England. Through the power of social media, and some fantastic detective work by Downes Veterinary Practice (Leigh On Sea) and Leonard Brothers Vets, it emerged that the plucky puss had been on a 200-mile journey from Southend to Whitchurch in Shropshire. If that wasn’t amazing enough, it then turned out that she spent the whole terrifying journey locked in a van’s ENGINE COMPARTMENT!

As this is currently an emerging story, we are working very hard to confirm all of the details (there is a rumour flying around that the cat is called Skip), but as lovers of both satire and cats we would like to thank everyone who shared both Konstantins’ and the vets practices’ Facebook posts to try and reunite this very fortunate cat and her owner. If you need further convincing that this cat’s journey was an incredible one, take a look at our map below.

200 miles


This story will be updated with more information as it comes in. If you have been involved with this feel-good story in any way, please email newsdesk@southendnewsnetwork.com (yes, we have a newsdesk).


    • Might just been searching for Pussy.
      (It is a lovely village in the Savoie department of France).

      Then there is always Cat Cat village in Vietnam….