The emergency services and members of the public are currently trying to rescue a three-year-old girl who has fallen down a pothole in Rochford. 

Worried residents of Somerset Avenue raised the alarm at 8.30am on Saturday morning after Maisie Doggetts was spotted at the bottom of the 10 foot-deep crater.

Essex Highways briefly attended the scene to spray paint a green circle around the damaged area.

This is the official colour code for ‘Shit there’s a little girl down there and she could die so we will endeavour to repair the damage within 6-8 weeks, weather depending.’

A witness said, ‘I must have reported that pothole twenty times since Christmas.’

’In the last few days, everyone has been hearing growling noises coming from the gaping chasm, and my neighbour’s CCTV has recorded the Rancor emerging on Friday nights to get haddock and chips from Jackson’s Chippy.’

’Someone from the local council was spotted getting their photo with it the other day for The Echo, but still nothing happens.’

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said, ‘Look if we fix one we’ll have to fix all of them.’

’We have a proecedure in place for a reason, and we would ask the public to remain patient.’

’We will usually only fix potholes as a priority if we can stick a set of temporary traffic lights in and create a five-mile tailback through Hockley.’

’Our officers are monitoring the situation and throwing down bags of Haribo every couple of days. It’ll be fine.’

’She’s probably only missing colouring-in at school anyway.’