A spokesperson for the European Union’s Brexit negotiating team has confirmed that the United Kingdom will be forced to stop using God Save The Queen as the national anthem after Brexit. 

According to Jerome Robsonne, one of the chief aides to head EU negotiator Christian Barnier, usage and ownership rights for our national anthem were transferred over to Brussels when the United Kingdom joined the EU in 1973.

He added: ‘Part of the original deal for the United Kingdom to join the bloc was the transfer of licensing rights for the national anthem – we have been providing access to it free of charge ever since as a gesture of goodwill.’

‘However, with Brexit on the horizon this arrangement is no longer practical or fair, and so at the start of the negotiation we kindly offered it back for €50 million as part of the settlement.’

‘This sum is the predicted amount of royalties that the EU will lose over the next ten years.’

‘David Davis’ team were unwilling to meet this demand and offered a straight swap for the entire Chas ‘n’ Dave back catalogue – this offer was derisory in our opinion.’

The EU’s music repository currently includes God Save The Queen, Long Live Hungary, the karaoke version of La Marseillaise and Save Your Love by Renée and Renato.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: ‘At the present time, we are preparing a back-up plan for a new national anthem after Brexit should the European Union retain the usage rights to God Save The Queen.’

‘We are in preliminary discussions with Black Lace over a number of possibilities.’