A spokesperson within Downing Street has confirmed that a Brexit deal is moving closer with the news that a preliminary Customs Union Nominal Transition arrangement has been agreed in principal between the British government and their Brussels counterparts. 

The deal will allow EU citizens to use special ‘express immigration lanes’ when arriving in the United Kingdom, and the remaining 27 EU nations have promised to return this courtesy by the end of 2060.

Goods that arrive at the UK border will benefit from an expedited electronic clearance process, and French President Emmanuel Macron has assured Theresa May that his officials will ‘make every possible effort to crack on’ when things get backed up.

A Brussels source said, ‘The Customs Union Nominal Transition is essential as it ensures that no EU citizen will lose out when it comes to freedom of movement into Britain.’

A number of Brexit voters have already indicated that they intend to apply for Customs Union Nominal Transition cards, with one saying, ‘This will be a huge statement to show that I believe in a European Britain, without the flags and anthems’