Sources within Downing Street have revealed that Brexit could be ‘delayed indefinitely’ after the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling accidentally shredded the government’s copy of Article 50.

It is thought that he was actually trying to destroy the government’s contract papers with Seaborne.

One source said, ‘The terms of the Lisbon Treaty clearly state that the process of withdrawing from the European Union cannot be finalised until a government hands over the little detachable permission slip at the bottom of Article 50 on the day of withdrawal itself.’

‘That slip of paper is now in 2000 pieces, and nobody took a copy of the whole sheet because it clearly states ‘do not photocopy’ because of GDPR reasons.’

‘For now it seems that we may end up staying in the EU for months, if not years. This permission slip is legally binding – it’s not like an educational visit to a Mosque or something trivial, rules are rules.’

It is thought that Grayling offered an email of resignation to Theresa May shortly after the incident.

However, it later emerged that he actually sent $500 to the famous and much-respected member of the Nigerian royal family Prince Belair Nwankwo Kanu III in order to release the £400 bn inheritance that was trapped in his bank account.