A Brexiteer from Essex has been describing his shock to Southend News Network after he discovered that the Caps Lock key on his keyboard can be toggled on and off as and when it is required.

Darren Scroteen from Basildon said that he originally thought the little green light and padlock next to his ‘A’ key was some kind of security indicator to let him know that foreigners were not able to hack into his laptop, play Minesweeper and claim the high score for themselves.

He added, ‘I have always been worried that people will not be able to read what I write if I start using little letters.’

‘Me and computers have never really got on that well anyway. I have this other button that looks like a little Danish pastry, but I never got any delivered to my door no matter how many times I press it.’

‘I can’t wait until I buy my first new laptop after we leave the EU next year – my current one has a star from the European Union’s flag above the number 8.’

‘Hopefully they will replace it with a little bulldog or something.’