A brand new version of the popular word play game Scrabble has launched with relaxed spelling rules.

In this variation, players score points as long as the word vaguely looks like its intended form, such as ‘SOFFRUNTY’ or ‘BURROCRISSY.’

Creator Jean-Claude Junket told us that the idea came to him a few months ago when he noticed that all of the letters were already capitals anyway.

He added, ‘Every day, millions of people who genuinely believe that Brexit and World War 2 are the same thing are getting clobbered at Scrabble, and we don’t believe that this is fair.’

‘Some of the bonus squares have had a bit of a revamp as well. For instance, the ‘Triple Word Score’ is now worth twice as much again if you manage to put down a disgusting thinly veiled racial slur about Diane Abbott.’

‘The tile racks are built into red buses too.’

We asked Mr Junket if other similar board games were in the works.

He said, ‘Early trials of Brexiteer Monopoly haven’t gone down too well.’

‘Every time someone gets sent to jail, there’s no room in there as it’s full of Vote Leave officials.’

‘However, we have developed a special board where the colours change the longer the game progresses.’

‘Eventually, every property is brown, and all of the utilities have been sold to the Germans.’

‘The Chance Cards are pretty much on point though. One of them states, ‘You are found guilty of gross deceit and breaking numerous electoral laws in order to win a major nationwide referendum, causing irreparable damage to society. Pay a £20 fine and don’t do it again you naughty little boy.’