A Brexiteer theme park called Cloud Cuckoo Land will be opening in the UK in March 2019. 

The attraction is expected to see more than 17 million visitors per year, with rides including Sterlingcoaster – a white knuckle spectacular that plunges riders into a lifeless abyss with everyone forced to leave through a gift shop that charges £17 for a tin of peaches.

A spokesperson said, ‘Visitors can stay all day with a range of dining options to suit all budgets, and our flagship venue will be Gavin Gammon’s International House Of Gammonry.’

’It will be an interactive dining show where the main restaurant area is surrounded by an animatronic Question Time audience that just keeps screaming ‘get on with it’ while simultaneously chastising Jeremy Corbyn for refusing to nuke anyone.’

’We can’t give too much away, but watch out for Aneurysm Andy – half man, half beetroot.’