The actor Brian Blessed OBE has admitted that he is ‘incredibly excited’ about a unique opportunity that has come up to play a ‘psychotic, screaming lunatic with a beard’ in a new movie. 

The historical epic ‘Aaaaaaaaargh’ will be hitting cinemas in Summer 2019.

The James Cameron-led project involves what the Titanic mastermind describes as ‘a period clothing-clad psychotic, screaming lunatic with a beard using a time machine to fly through history and shout incredibly loudly at different historical figures while whisking impossibly younger and beautiful women off their feet for rumpy-pumpy.’

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Blessed said: ‘I was over the moon to be offered the role of psychotic, screaming lunatic with a beard as I was beginning to worry about getting typecast.’

‘I can’t give too much away about the plot of the film, but World War 2 history fans can look forward to some epic scenes where I manage to put an end to Hitler’s invasion of Poland by bellowing at him like a psychotic, screaming lunatic with a beard before throwing Eva Braun over my shoulder and taking her away for some rumpy-pumpy.’

In an interview with Variety magazine, director James Cameron added: ‘We spent 18 months auditioning talent, and we eventually found that nobody can quite top Brian for a role where a character needs to scream like a psychotic lunatic while sporting an impressive collection of facial hair.’

Our original first choice was Eddie Izzard, but after the first few days on the set it was clear that a change in direction was needed.

In other Hollywood news, George Clooney has been unveiled as the lead role for the upcoming romcom sequel Smouldering Doctor Unlucky In Love III.