Britain First supporters across the United Kingdom have been forced to revert to carving messages on cave walls after their page was removed by Facebook. 

It’s thought that the party leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen have already been carrying out a similar practice involving tally counting for the past week.

BF supporter Mick Boosh said, ‘We’re are we suppased to go now?’

’All they was doing was being patriots and now Facebook said that they was exciting hatred.’

’This country has gone to the dogs.’

’You can’t even vilify minorities anymore. This isn’t what my grandad fought for.’

’I am going to start a new page for them and pay for likes to try and get back to two million fans.’

’Reckon I’ll need about five faasand paands.’

A spokesperson for Facebook said, ‘It was about time we sorted out the whole Britain First thing.’

’Our statistics showed is that JuicePlus adverts and ‘ambiguous angry posts to you know who you are’ were starting to get pushed down news feeds by this shit.’

’This isn’t why we created Facebook.’

A Britain First spokesperson said that a new Facebook page will be launched soon.

However, he was unwilling to confirm where it would be.

Southend News Network would like to extend an invitation to all ex-followers of Britain First, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen to come and join our page on Facebook. 

As you are already used to sitting there and getting all gammon-faced at made up thundershite, you will probably find it is a home from home.

I’ll even get a great big dog and some t-shirts made.