People all over Britain were temporarily devastated and then relieved on Saturday morning when they realised that Roy Walker hadn’t snuffed it.

Thousands went on Facebook in their usual misty-eyed haze to be presented by numerous photos of what appeared to be the legendary Catchphrase host at first glance.

However, after that first coffee, a cigarette and a pensive poo, it sadly emerged that the silver-haired celebrity to pass away was actually Celebrity Big Brother and Most Haunted star Derek Acorah.

Local Facebooker Michelle Garridge said, ‘I opened Facebook and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’

‘I was literally about to crank out that old video of Mr Chips looking like he was knocking one out behind the flashing squares, when I read it again and noticed it was that ghost man.’

‘My first guess was good, but it wasn’t quite right.’