A 25-year-old girl from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex has been refused entry to the United Kingdom after a holiday to Greece because her passport photo has dog ears on it from a Snapchat filter.

Michelle Garridge is currently being held in detention at Gatwick Airport while the matter is resolved.

She has already spent three days away from the rest of her family while the Home Office determines whether or not she should be allowed to return.

Her husband Texerco said, ‘We didn’t realise that the photo had dog ears on it when we sent off her passport application, and when it came back we just assumed that they allowed special effects now because it is all done by computer.’

‘We didn’t have any problems getting to Greece because at their time their border staff were arguing about something or other and waving their hands around a lot.’

‘However, when we arrived back at Gatwick they studied her photo carefully and refused to accept that it was her because her real face doesn’t have the ears of a Chihuahua, a wet nose and a big long tongue.’

‘It’s ridiculous that they allow all these refugees in without any documents, but my girlfriend has to go through this.’

A Home Office spokesperson said, ‘We are currently looking into this situation very carefully – the photo shouldn’t have been approved.’

‘As a general rule, passport photos should be free of any digital enhancements, including but not limited to dog ears, bunny ears, little tweety birds, heavily pixelated sunglasses and spliffs, and large expanded eyes that contrary to popular belief don’t actually make you look any fitter.’