A British man has revealed that he is facing DEPORTATION as he is unable to prove that he is from the United Kingdom. 

The individual, who doesn’t want to be named, told Southend News Network that his identity documents were destroyed after a radiation leak swept through his former home.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, he said, ‘It’s a ridiculous situation.’

’I went to a doctors appointment for my annual check-up for my six nipples, and when I arrived the receptionist asked for proof that I was a British citizen.’

’When I told her that all of my documents were destroyed in a radiation leak, they charged me £140 for the appointment.’

’To make matters worse, someone from the Home Office has now sent me a letter giving me thirty days to leave the country.’

’My mother brought me over here and went through three million years of hell, and this is how the government repays me.’

In a day of dawn raids across the country, it has also emerged that a barbers in London has been visited by UK Border Force.

It is thought that one employee of Desmond’s in Peckham failed to declare a major lottery win to HMRC, leading to the investigation.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said, ‘We have an obligation to perform residency checks on anyone who has a funny accent.’

’Paying decades worth of tax and National Insurance is all well and good, but the law is the law is the BNP and UKIP manifesto.’