Why have unpaid trial shifts suddenly become acceptable in Britain?

It’s not like you are auditioning them for the lead role in Billy Elliott or giving them the chance to play centre-forward for Chelsea, is it?

Let’s be honest, you have a busy bank holiday weekend coming up in your grotty little café and you don’t have enough of your regular staff in.

Get a few poor unsuspecting buggers down, tell them that you are looking for ‘long-term’ staff, say that you are being kind enough to give them a couple of unpaid trial shifts, rub your hands together with glee while they push themselves to the limit just to prove themselves to you, and then fuck them off at the end with some excuse like ‘I’ll be in touch.’

Except you won’t be in touch will you? You’ll just start the whole c*nty business all over again the next time you are expecting some sort of rush.

You love to get up on your soapbox and moan about business rates and the local council making your lives ‘difficult,’ and yet at the same time you are exploiting people who are often vulnerable and desperate.

It’s like those sanctimonious twats who invite local artists to come and do their thing for ‘the exposure.’ These dickheads deserve some ‘exposure’ to polonium.

I’ll tell you what mate, I’ll pop down and help myself to a full roast dinner, six pints and a banana split next Sunday. I can’t pay you, but I will tell all of my friends and family about how fantastic it was. It will be great exposure for you.

See. It’s bollocks isn’t it?

Tell me I am out of line if you want, but it seems that the modern British marketplace has become people who made their dough in ‘the good old days’ taking a royal shit on everyone else who was unfortunate enough to have been born after the year 2000.