A ‘forward-thinking’ businessman from Essex has launched a company offering a Christmas tree service that has never been seen before in the UK. Easy Green is the brainchild of young Southend entrepreneur Nathan Roache, and the 21-year-old hopes that his unique ‘drop off and collect’ Christmas tree business will bring some festive cheer to elderly customers who wouldn’t usually be able to bring this into their homes.

Nathan met Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter to explain how he hopes his company will shake up the festive market. He said: ‘I have identified a gap in the market that I hope will eventually help thousands of elderly people to enjoy a fully-decorated Christmas tree, and our unique business model means that we can offer this absolutely free of charge – it is a fantastic way to promote the festive spirit.’

‘In the middle of December, we will begin to drop off our 100%-natural Christmas trees in customers’ homes, and they will all be minimally decorated to ensure that they stay in the best possible condition. As an extra special gift to everyone who receives a tree, my engineers will also install a fantastic dazzling light display to make sure that every single tree really stands out as an eye-catching centrepiece. Every customer will have their quarterly electricity bill paid as well as part of our commitment to creating a magical and warm Christmas, and my team can also offer energy efficiency advice – for example a lot of people don’t know that keeping curtains closed over the entire festive period could cut hundreds of pounds from their energy bill.’

‘All that we ask from every recipient is that they keep the entire Christmas tree and display setup installed until the second week in February when our engineers will return and carefully remove the trees – they will then be recycled ethically. We know that this means that the tree will be on display for a longer time than is traditional, but our chosen species of tree means that they cannot be safely moved until this date.’

We asked Mr Roache how his company Easy Green can afford to offer the trees completely free of charge and still remain profitable, and he told us that his unique business model has been made possible through ‘generous sponsorship’ by a number of local exporters.

He added: ‘Every tree and lights display that we install will have a nominated local sponsor who is in charge of both installing and removing everything safely. All of these business owners have received extensive training in Christmas tree disposal to ensure that no part of the tree is wasted – this is all about celebrating the festive season in a sustainable manner.’

85-year-old Jemima Reddington took part in a pilot scheme in 2015, and she told Southend News Network that it was ‘the best Christmas that she ever had.’

She added: ‘God bless Nathan for the work that he is doing to spread a little yuletide joy to elderly people who usually wouldn’t be able to bask in the glow of a magnificent Christmas tree display.’

‘The only problem I had was when my cat Barry ate one of the leaves and then demolished a wholesale crate of Kitekat Chewies, but Nathan was kind enough to send an experienced vet straight to my home who nursed him back to health with five straight hours of Mr. Blue Sky by ELO and a can of Red Bull.’