Ms Hawkwell (left) who claims that she has received more than 300 'dodgy' emails since her address was revealed in the recent c2c data breach.

After having to go through the trauma of her email address being shared with over 500 other c2c customers, 23-year-old Naomi Hawkwell has had to endure an even bigger invasion of her privacy – she has revealed that her ‘sexy’ choice of email address has led to her receiving hundreds of emails from other men and women in the list who are keen to win her affections.

As she has now been forced to close down this email account, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that ‘’ was shown to everyone else in the list, along with all of the people who were sent images of the offending email that came from the rail operator. She spoke to our chief reporter about the hours that followed the serious data breach.

She said: ‘I was still seething about my address being given out when the first emails started to arrive. Random men and women wanted to know more about me, how much I could bench, whether I like wearing pink spandex workout shorts, if I could stand on my head for more than five minutes – horrible, probing stuff. Some guy from Rainham was even proposing marriage, and I’m not even going to mention what a 53-year-old lady called Mike from Canvey asked me to do.’

Ms Hawkwell added: ‘If people really want to see me in action, they can add me on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or LinkedIn.’

At the time of writing, a complaint has also been made by an unnamed individual with the now deactivated address ‘,’ and a leading local law firm has offered to help both ladies pursue a legal case against c2c.

A spokesperson for the railway commented: ‘While we regret the incident, we would like to use this as a positive experience to remind people that choosing the right email address is very important to avoid unwanted contact and spam – suggestive messages, indecent pictures, offers of 2-for-1 off-peak travel, and so on.’